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  • — Baril Engine Newsletter — August 2023

    News & Updates for August 2023 Got Engine Woes? Rebuilding before it blows is more cost-effective than replacing after it goes. Rebuild your engine while you can! In our current economy, more owners are choosing to rebuild than purchase a new replacement. Call or email us to schedule your engine machining or complete rebuild before…

  • — Baril Engine Newsletter — June 2023

    News & Updates for June 2023 Planning Ahead for July Baril Engine will be closed Monday July 3rd and Tuesday July 4th in recognition of Independence Day. We hope you have a fantastic day with your family and friends. Gas Engine of the Month Improving Ford’s Model A Engine Remarkably, at nearly 100 years old, more…

  • — Baril Engine Newsletter — May 2023

    Discover our engine of the month & a new, easy way to request an estimate for your next project.