We are Baril

Our Team

At Baril Engine, we believe our team members are our greatest asset. We have one of the most experienced teams in our entire industry, with over 200 combined years of experience and the average tenure of our team members is over ten years. Integrity, excellence, and teamwork are integral to our team; our crew is proud of what we do and is committed to getting even better. We continue to improve and expand our expertise with additional training and AERA certifications for our team members. We are experts in all kinds of engines: Diesel, Gas, Agricultural Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Heavy Equipment, Heavy Trucks, Antique Tractors, Antique Cars, Street Rods, Racing Cars & Trucks, Truck & Tractor Pulling. If you can name it, we’ve probably rebuilt it – at least twice.

Jason Gillette

Owner & General Manager / Jason became the owner of Baril Engine in April of 2019. He and John Baril (founder) have been close friends for over 25 years and when John was looking for someone to take over the business, he chose Jason. Prior to acquiring Baril Engine, Jason had a 22-year career at …

Jeff Herlache

Service Manager / Jeff Herlache is a veteran of the engine industry, with over 30 years of experience under his belt. He started with Baril Engine in 1995. Jeff is a master engine machinist with vast experience in all areas of engine repair. He headed up our block department for many years. In 2019, Jeff …

Jake Thomas

Parts Manager / Jake Thomas joined our team in July of 2021. Jake is an AERA Certified Engine Machinist. Our customers have found that they can rely on Jake as their expert in sourcing engine parts. Jake has years of inventory management experience and is an excellent resource for finding hard-to-source parts for our customers.

Kimberly Krueger

Office Manager / Kimberly Krueger has been in our industry and with Baril Engine for over 20 years. She started with Baril Engine in 1999 and heads up all administrative operations within our office.

Our Ownership

Baril Engine is a family-owned, independent, and growing company with stable ownership that is personally committed to its employees and customers. However, Baril Engine’s owner believes our purpose should be about more than rebuilding great engines. Our purpose is to love the Lord our God in everything we do and to love our neighbors as ourselves. (Matthew 22:36-40). We strive to conduct our business in ways that leave evidence of our relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is a high standard, and sometimes we fall short, but we persevere nonetheless.

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