Baril Engine is an Authorized Dealer of Kunz Engineering Pull-Behind Mowers, Chisel Plows, and Cultipackers! 

Our Owner and GM, Jason Gillette, has owned and abused his own Kunz Engineering Rough Cut Mower for the past 15 years!  While this one is still going strong, he recently decided he loved his Pull Behind Mower so much, he decided to buy a second one! Upon doing so he found out that there was no longer a dealer in our area. Given the exceptional experience he’s had with his own Kunz Engineering Pull Behind Mower, it was an easy decision for him to make Baril Engine Rebuilding the new Kunz Engineering Authorized Dealer for Eastern Wisconsin! 

Give us a call if you’re interested in talking to us about one of these fantastic pieces of equipment!

Kunz Rough Cut Mowers
Kunz Chisel Plows
Kunz Cultipackers