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  • — Baril Engine Newsletter — August 2023

    News & Updates for August 2023 Got Engine Woes? Rebuilding before it blows is more cost-effective than replacing after it goes. Rebuild your engine while you can! In our current economy, more owners are choosing to rebuild than purchase a new replacement. Call or email us to schedule your engine machining or complete rebuild before…

  • Maxiforce


    “Like our customers, we value consistent relationships with organizations and people that we can rely on. In addition to having some great people, Maxiforce’s quality and the engines that they support make them a great fit for our customers.” Jason | Baril Engine’s General Manager

  • CAT C15

    CAT C15

    Caterpillar’s C15 engine is a dependable powerhouse known for its durability and efficiency, making it a popular choice in many applications and industries. Whether you rely on your C15 to power your harvester or your Peterbilt, Baril Engine has the experience to keep your CAT purring.  

  • — Baril Engine Newsletter — June 2023

    News & Updates for June 2023 Planning Ahead for July Baril Engine will be closed Monday July 3rd and Tuesday July 4th in recognition of Independence Day. We hope you have a fantastic day with your family and friends. Gas Engine of the Month Improving Ford’s Model A Engine Remarkably, at nearly 100 years old, more…

  • Kubota 03 Series

    Kubota 03 Series

    In 2021 Kubota celebrated its three millionth engine sold in the United States. These are very popular engines! Baril Engine has worked on over 400 Kubota engines in the past two years alone. One of the Kubota models that we see regularly is their 03 Series.  

  • Making Sense of Kubota Engine Model Numbers

    Making Sense of Kubota Engine Model Numbers

    Your model name may look like a string of random digits, but each letter and number provide information about your Kubota Engine. V 2403 M DI T E2B XXX 2 Let’s decode those digits!

  • Interstate-McBee


    “The quality and support that we’ve seen from Interstate-McBee is top notch. They are a great vendor to work with.” Jason | Baril Engine’s General Manager Baril Engine has been an Authorized Dealer for Interstate-McBee since 2015, but Interstate-McBee’s history goes back much further than that.

  • Ford Model A
  • Ford Model A – Oil Leaks

    Ford Model A – Oil Leaks

    “All Model A engines leak a little oil – typically a few drops.” – forum contributor Baril Engine makes every effort to circumvent and prevent future oil leaks, but these engines have a known problem of oil leaks. Candidly, Model A Fords were built when dirt roads were more common than gravel, and oil…

  • — Baril Engine Newsletter — May 2023

    Discover our engine of the month & a new, easy way to request an estimate for your next project.