Making Sense of Kubota Engine Model Numbers

Your model name may look like a string of random digits, but each letter and number provide information about your Kubota Engine.

V 2403 M DI T E2B XXX 2

Let’s decode those digits!

Kubota V2403

V 2403 M DI T E2B XXX 2

The first character is the cylinder code, based on the number written in German.
E = eins (one) = 1 cylinder
Z = zwei (two) = 2 cylinder
D = drei (three) = 3 cylinder
V = vier (four) = 4 cylinder
F = fünf (five) = 5 cylinder
S = sechs (six) = 6 cylinder

V 2403 M DI T E2B XXX 2

Read the following four (three if it’s part of the Super Mini Series or five if it has a modifier such as the M in the example above) characters in two parts: 

  • The first two are the approximate displacement in tens of CCs. Examples:
    • V2403-M is a four-cylinder with an approximate displacement of 2400cc. 
    • V1902 (4cyl) has an approximate displacement of 1900cc
    • Z482 is a two-cylinder that displaces approximately 480cc
  • The last digits signify the engine series. Examples:
    • Z482 = Kubota Super Mini Series
    • V1902 = Kubota 02 Series 
    • V2203 = Kubota 03 Series
    • V2403-M = Kubota 03-M Series
    • D1105 = Kubota 05 Series
    • V2607 = Kubota 07 Series
    • V3800 = Kubota V3 Series (the zeroes are the clue)

V 2403 M DI T E2B XXX 2

Next up is the letter code for the engine’s injection type. The engine uses Indirect Injection (IDI) if this spot is blank. 

  • DI = Direct Injection
  • CR = Common Rail, Direct Injection

V 2403 M DI T E2B XXX 2

The rest of the engine model name is as follows:

  • T, when present, signifies turbo.
  • Two or three-digit code for the emission type.
  • Three-digit code representing OEM name.
  • Model variation number.

Kubota also builds spark-ignited engines based on the same platform as their diesels, allowing many components to be interchangeable across fuel types within the same series. Kubota’s gasoline/LPG/NG engines have a similar structure to the diesel models, with the fuel-type code replacing the cylinder-count letter.

Now that we know what every character of the model name represents, we need to know where to look for it! Thankfully, Kubota has a consistent system for this as well. Your Kubota Engine started life with a serial number tag affixed to the top of the valve cover. This sticker contained the engine model, serial number, engine part number, and a bar code for easy identification. Kubota recognizes that this sticker may wear off during your equipment’s life, so they stamp the serial number on the block. This serial number location varies by engine series; check your owner’s manual or call us for help finding it.