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  • Jason H.

    As a machine shop, we sub some (larger) work to Baril. Drive three hours to do it. Great service, knowledgeable, friendly staff. Did someone tell you it couldn’t be fixed? Check with Baril before you pitch it!

  • Michael R.

    “Great experience! Friendly staff, great workmanship, timely communication, and great value. Had a crank magnafluxed and a block honed for my track car and they did a great job. Will be using them again when needed.”

  • Break-In Procedures for Remanufactured Engines

    Break-In Procedures for Remanufactured Engines

    This engine has been remanufactured to provide continuous, satisfactory service. Protect your recent investment by following these instructions before installing or starting the engine. Baril Engine has been a member of AERA since 1986.This guide is a combination of AERA and Baril’s recommendations. SUGGESTED PRECAUTIONS FOR REMANUFACTURED ENGINES This engine has been carefully assembled to…

  • Edward A.

    “I’ve been using Baril Engine since 2003 on my oval track race car. I’ve never had a failure, won numerous races and championships with their great horsepower and superb reliability. Never seen a place be so thorough from block prep to assembly. They are a step above the rest!”